R267 / R270 / RK270 Hose Product

Low Pressure Applications

Titeflex™ aerospace Low Pressure R267 / R270 / RK270 Convoluted Hose Product is made up of following elements…

Fibreglass reinforced, helically convoluted PTFE innercore,  which provides a continuous conductive path to the metal end fittings to discharge any electrostatic energy created by flow.

  • R267  hose is reinforced with a 304 Stainless steel outer braid. Performance Spec. = AS620
  • R270 hose is reinforced with a Nomex fibre braid. Performance Spec. = AS1227 Class 2, Type I
  • RK270 hose is reinforced with a Kevlar fibre braid.

Operating Temperature -54°C to 204°C


Typical Operating Media

  • Fuel System
  • Cooling
  • Low Pressure Hydraulics


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