HS79 / HS80 Hose Product

Low Pressure Applications     

Low Pressure Smooth Bore HS79 & HS80 Hose

HS79 non-conductive & HS80 conductive, Low Pressure Hose is made up of the following elements.

Smooth bore Translucent PTFE innercore of HS79 or Carbon filled PTFE for HS80 with a silicone rubber outer core, which is reinforced with a stainless steel wire braided and protected with a lightweight outer braid of Nomex and Kevlar.

This smooth bore hose offers similar flexibility  to a convoluted hose but has superior flow characteristics, reduced turbulence and pressure drop compared to a convoluted hose.


Operating Media

  • Hybrid Power Unit Cooling
  • EV Drivetrain Cooling
  • ICE Cooling


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