Hose Protection Coverings

DR25  DR25-TW  Viton-E    

DR-25 Flexible, Chemical and Abrasion Resistant Hose Covering

DR-25 Heat-shrinkable tubing is flexible and abrasion resistant. It is made from a radiation cross linked elastomeric material specially formulated for optimum high temperature fluid and long term heat resistance.

Operating Temperature up to 150 ºC


DR-25-TW  Flexible, Thin Wall, Chemical Hose Covering

DR-25-TW is a Heat-shrinkable, flexible fluid resistant elastomeric tubing. Developed from DR-25, this thin wall version is ideal for use where extra flexibility, space and weight saving are important, It also offers excellent resistance to fluids at high temperature and to long term heat exposure.

Operating Temperature up to 150 ºC


RW-200-E Viton Chemical Resistant High Temperature Hose Covering

RW-200-E Viton Heat-shrinkable tubing is fabricated from a cross linked fluoroelastomer material, designed for a wide range of applications. Viton-E tubing is resistant to a wide variety of fuel, lubricants, acids and solvents at elevated temperatures, and is flame resistant (self extinguishing).

Operating Temperature up to 200 ºC

Typical Applications – Fuel System Hoses and any other high temp/ abrasion applications



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