We are proud to be the only Hose & Hard-line supplier that has an In-house coded Titanium Welding capability. 

With our detailed knowledge of Titanium welding within the Motorsport Industry, AN Motorsport engineers have developed accurate procedures that are required to manufacture Thin wall welded Titanium Hardlines. 

Earlier this year, we decided to install a fully enclosed dedicated Welding cell in our workshop to enable us to produce precise, high-quality, clean & consistent welds in short time frames.  

Our highly skilled Welder James has had many years of experience, welding with many exotic materials predominately Titanium but we can also easily work with Stainless, Aluminium & Inconel if required. 

All our assemblies are TIG welded, this lets James have greater control, allowing a precision weld therefore improved quality. 

We can weld small size thin wall tube from 3.5.mm but also are able to work with larger sizes. 

As you would expect, high-level specs are commonplace in Motorsport and we now can achieve ISO 5817 to Level B consistently. To achieve this, we worked closely with the TWI (The Welding Institute) running various R&D projects to ensure that all parameters/procedures were consistently repeatable.  

And we did just that, In March 2020, we are proud to say all welds that were checked by an Independent Inspection company passed to this spec. 

This complements our ability to CNC Bend Tube in house, along with Jig design and manufacture to provide a complete service without the need to manage multiple subcontractors. 

For further information please see our Hard-line Handbook to see the available resources and design guide to help you with your application needs. 

We are looking forward to working with you for any welding requirements you may have. 


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