4 CLEARBORE Motorsport FRH84 Series

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Design and Application
Eaton Clearbore Quick Disconnect Couplings are designed for high reliability and performance under adverse conditions.

Offering improved load distribution through a latch mechanism, which minimizes brinelling and undue wear of the locking surfaces.

Terminations can be customized to suit customer interfaces, the Coupling can be integrally swaged to Titeflex Aerospace hose products or incorporated directly onto Fuel Cell Components for additional weight saving and elimination of leak paths.

Suitable for use with common and many exotic fluids currently used in Motor Sport, Aerospace, High technology, and Commercial applications.
  • Instantaneous Pushlock action to lock and unlock.
  • Minimum outside diameter compatible with maximum bore.
  • Minimal pressure drops in either direction.
  • Integral self-lock.
  • Simple one-handed operation.
  • End terminations to suit customer specifications.

Materials of Construction
  • Body Material = Aluminium (L168)
  • Seal Material = Perfluoroelastomer

  • Coupled Length = 29.5mm
  • Bore Diameter = 3.90mm
  • Nipple Weight = 5 grams
  • Socket Weight = 14 grams

Operating Parameters
  • Typical Operating Media = Racing Fuel
  • Max Pressure = 69 Bar
  • Temperature Range = -25 °C to +200 °C
  • Size = -4
  • Minimum Connections and Disconnections 500 cycles

To couple, insert Socket on to Nipple and push at rear end of Socket, the Socket will grip automatically and positively lock.
To uncouple, Pull the locking ring away from Nipple.

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